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For those of you who are interested in selling Sabrett® hot dogs or Gabila'sTM knishes as part, or all, of a business outside of the New York area:

If you have the type of business which enables you to more easily pass along costs, for example a special-events catering business, then issues such as shipping costs and product storage may not be as significant to you as it is to others. If, however, your intent is to make a living selling New York hot dogs and other items then please take some time to read and think about the following issues. Although the questions and answers below are about hot dogs, the exact same issues apply to all of the items we sell.

1. Can you build up enough of a customer base to support a business?

In just about all of the conversations we have had with folks who want to start up a stand in an area outside of New York, the phrases "there are lots of ex-New Yorkers here" and "these hot dogs are the best, they don't know what they're missing here" invariably come up. These statements may be true, but it is our guess that there are not enough ex-New Yorkers who will eat at your business on a regular basis to make it viable. You will need to have general appeal to your local audience. We'd be happy to sell you hundreds of pounds of hot dogs, but what we recommend to start is that you use the Sabrett® hot dogs as a specialty item in addition to your popular local hot dogs.

2. Can you purchase and store enough product to make the shipping costs worthwhile?

Companies that do refrigerated trucking charge a minimum per delivery, with an additional charge if you do not have a loading dock, plus an ever-increasing fuel surcharge. Often, this minimum charge is upwards of $500. As you can see, the trucking costs will add significantly to the total cost.

As an example, assume that the trucking charge is $500. If you ship 100 lbs (approx 1000 hot dogs), you will be paying $5 per lb for trucking. This translates to approximately 50 cents per hot dog. On the other hand, if you purchase 500 lbs (approx 5000 hot dogs), you would be adding only around 10 cents per hot dog.

If you don't think you can store and sell 1000 or more hot dogs, we recommend what we call the Hot Dog Fanatic package which contains approx 250 hot dogs. This is an excellent way to get started and to determine whether you can build your business to the point at which it makes sense to purchase thousands of hot dogs at a time.

The hot dogs and knishes must be kept refrigerated upon receipt and can be frozen for a few months of extended storage. We cannot take back unused products.

3. Where can I find the equipment I need?

We carry a limitted amount of pushcart equptment. But we maybe able to direct you where to get what you need. 


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